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Where humor is a serious matter
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About Me

Having lived and worked in four countries on three continents and closely working with people from more than 25 countries, I have learned something very valuable about life.  We all have a simple and common objective of living a happy life.  But are we all really happy?  I have seen the brightest of the smiles in remote African jungles and the gloomiest of the souls in wealthy societies.  I have learned a lot from my own life experiences as much as I have learned from others.  We do not need to search for happiness elsewhere.  It is within ourselves.  In my search and struggle, I have found out some simple techniques that help us bring out happiness that is within us.  I have founded Laugh To Live to share these techniques with others.

Laughter is a serious matter.  Let us explore and learn techniques that help us deal with the hardships in our lives.  Let us learn to look at life with a different perspective.  Happiness is within us, but we don't realize that and try to chase it.  Remember the age old sayings that "Laughter is the best medicine" and "Health is wealth".  Energize your minds, lighten up your lives, and lessen the burdens by developing a sense of humor.  It improves your health and that is wealth.

Please join me in strengthening this organization and serving the community.

Surendra DaraPhD, DAIT