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Where humor is a serious matter
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Frequently asked questions

Is this a laughing club?

No.  This is not a laughing club.  Laugh To Live teaches you the philosophy of happy living and finding happiness that is within and around us. 

What happens when we are happy?

When we are happy, we perform better, interact well with others, think positively and feel relaxed.  All of these enrich our lives and create a positive influence on everyone around us.

Is there anything new to learn?

Many of us know what is important in life, yet we need to remind ourselves about what we need to do to live a happy life.  Laugh To Live is just a way to remind us of those simple means of a happy life.

Who can join?

Everyone who can laugh or make others laugh.


Our approach for happiness

Happiness is like fiber regularity.  When you are blocked up, we have two approaches to bring out the laughter.

At first we take an ORAL approach.  

  • Observe the situation
  • React appropriately
  • Adjust as needed
  • Live on

When things become tough, we take an ANALapproach.

  • Analyze the situation
  • Neutralize the negative feelings
  • Accept the fact
  • Laugh at it

When and where do we meet?
Laugh To Live periodically organizes workshops and seminars to help you know about the pilosophy of happiness and learn some techniques for a happy and healthy life.  Please Contact Us for details.